how to practice

This set of Tiny Guides is all about naming and regulating our emotions. Learning how our emotions impact us and our relationships takes some work, and this bundle coaches you through specific skills to help you practice.

These are skills every person is working on all the time, not just you. Managing our thoughts, behaviors and reactions takes practice, but it is so worth it.

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How To Practice


Learn how naming and regulating our emotions is a skill and be coached through specific skills to help you practice.

Self Regulation & Self Advocacy | A TINY GUIDE

Self-Regulation is choosing to reflect, re-direct, and control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's a practice, learn how!

Self-Compassion | A TINY GUIDE

Self-criticism is a hard pattern to break. Self-compassion is turning towards suffering with kindness and compassion. Here’s how to do that.

Productive Discomfort | A TINY GUIDE

Your comfort zone can't expand if you don't challenge it. Productive Discomfort is where growth and change can happen, but where is it? 

Boundaries | A TINY GUIDE

Boundaries are an important act of self-advocacy. Identify how to use boundaries to open up or close off to others. 

Frustration Points | A TINY GUIDE

You don't need permission to be frustrated. It's how you react that matters. Adapt? Avoid? Take a breath and make a plan. 

All of the Tiny Guides!

The Tiny Guides are most effective as a complete set. Learn how dignity transforms understanding your emotions and your brain. Save $15!

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