How Do Your Emotions Work?

This set of Tiny Guides is all about understanding what our emotions are, how they impact our thinking and behavior, and how we can use that information to feel more in control of our lives and relationships. 

This bundle helps you realize that understanding emotions and learning to manage them is a skill like anything else. 

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How Your Emotions Work

How Your Emotions Work | TINY GUIDE BUNDLE

Learn what emotions are, how they impact your thinking, and how to feel more in control of your life and relationships.

Vulnerability | A TINY GUIDE

Vulnerability is like a diving board because it's the jumping off point for all kinds of emotions, both painful and fun.


Shame creeps in when you feel vulnerable and erodes your sense of self-worth. Here are 3 tips to deal with shame! Don't fall for its tricks!

Emotional Hijacking | A TINY GUIDE

We can all be hijacked by our emotions. Become aware of when and how you're being captured by your emotional responses. 

Emotional Granularity | A TINY GUIDE

Emotional granularity helps you become the architect of your experiences and creates clearer meaning in your interactions with others. 

Anxiety | A TINY GUIDE

What happens when you experience anxiety? Do you freak out or slow down? Choose to regain some control, even if it's messy and hard. 


Feeling angry is your brain perceiving a physical or emotional threat. It’s messy. Having tools to process anger is empowering!

All of the Tiny Guides!

The Tiny Guides are most effective as a complete set. Learn how dignity transforms understanding your emotions and your brain. Save $15!

Cultures of Dignity

The Cultures of Dignity Team works with parents, educators, and young people to successfully navigate the social challenges of young adulthood.

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