Individual Guides

Anxiety | A TINY GUIDE

What happens when you experience anxiety? Do you freak out or slow down? Choose to regain some control, even if it's messy and hard. 

Vulnerability | A TINY GUIDE

Vulnerability is like a diving board because it's the jumping off point for all kinds of emotions, both painful and fun.

Cognitive Load | A TINY GUIDE

Your brain can only process so much. When you feel overwhelmed: here’s how to  re-frame challenging moments. 

Learned Helplessness | A TINY GUIDE

Learned helplessness is just that, learned. You have experiences that make you believe you have no control. Here’s how to get control back. 

Self-Compassion | A TINY GUIDE

Self-criticism is a hard pattern to break. Self-compassion is turning towards suffering with kindness and compassion. Here’s how to do that.

Productive Discomfort | A TINY GUIDE

Your comfort zone can't expand if you don't challenge it. Productive Discomfort is where growth and change can happen, but where is it? 

Emotional Hijacking | A TINY GUIDE

We can all be hijacked by our emotions. Become aware of when and how you're being captured by your emotional responses. 

Emotional Granularity | A TINY GUIDE

Emotional granularity helps you become the architect of your experiences and creates clearer meaning in your interactions with others. 

Boundaries | A TINY GUIDE

Boundaries are an important act of self-advocacy. Identify how to use boundaries to open up or close off to others. 

Self Regulation & Self Advocacy | A TINY GUIDE

Self-Regulation is choosing to reflect, re-direct, and control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's a practice, learn how!

Frustration Points | A TINY GUIDE

You don't need permission to be frustrated. It's how you react that matters. Adapt? Avoid? Take a breath and make a plan. 


Shame creeps in when you feel vulnerable and erodes your sense of self-worth. Here are 3 tips to deal with shame! Don't fall for its tricks!


Feeling angry is your brain perceiving a physical or emotional threat. It’s messy. Having tools to process anger is empowering!

Neuroplasticity | A TINY GUIDE

We have control to rewire our brains! Neuroplasticity means change is always possible. 

Metacognition | A TINY GUIDE

Metacognition is thinking about your thinking. Get curious about the stories your brain is telling you.

What is Dignity? | A TINY GUIDE

Dignity is the inherent worth of every human. Everyone has the same amount. Here’s the difference between respect and dignity. 

Elements of Dignity | A TINY GUIDE

The Elements of Dignity enable you to have conversations that help you break unhealthy, unproductive patterns.

Dignity: How To Practice | A TINY GUIDE

When someone violates our dignity, our instincts react as if we’re being attacked. Learn how to transform these moments.