Licensing & Sharing Tiny Guides

We are thrilled you want to share these resources with others! Purchasing a license allows you to share this resource with others while honoring the intellectual property rights of our organization.

Here are ways we can partner with you to give your community access to the guides:

Licensing gives...

  • You the ability to share the Tiny Guides with friends, affiliates, and your household.
  • Teachers, counselors, or school leaders the ability to share the Tiny Guides with a classroom or entire student body.

  • School administrators the ability to share the Tiny Guides with their parent community, faculty and staff, or board members.
  • Organizations the ability to share the Tiny Guides with their leaders or members. 


LICENSE | Friends, Affiliates, and Household for up to 10 People

LICENSE | Up to 50 People

LICENSE | 50-100 People

LICENSE | 100-500 People

View product $1,250

LICENSE | 500-1,000 People

View product $2,250

LICENSE | 1,000 - 2,500 People

View product $5,000

If you are interested in a license for more than 2,500 people, please contact with us by the Chat or button below!

Payments can be made in full at time of purchase or divided into a monthly fee over 6 months. 

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As an organization that is founded in the idea of dignity, we are committed to supporting all people and ensuring that all communities can access these valuable resources. We will work with your organization if you need support. Please contact us using the form below. 

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